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by posted 11/12/2019

Hello Team -  

This is my first year coaching with VYI and will ask for much grace from parents as I am learning as you are. 

I am requesting that one or preferrably two people assist me (from time to time) on keeping control of these boys.  

I have coached basketball for other leagues in the past.  i9 Sports for 2 seasons, Falls Church Youth for 1 season and Fairfax Legends for 2 seasons.  

I love basketball and love coaching and I act with passion. 

Though I will warn you, I am not a pushover.  I believe boys need a pack leader. I have an 8 year old (almost) 9 year old son, Dean, that will be on the team and I have found in the past that boys this age will push their limits to see who is in charge.  

I, along with the other coaches, will be in charge.  We will establish this early and often.  

Our children will speak to the coaches, parents and all adults with respect.  They will ask permission or wait for a scheduled break for water.  They will raise their hands if they have questions.  They will speak one at a time.  They will listen when coaches are speaking.  They will respect one another.  There will be different skill levels and better players will be granted responsibility to assist newer players on the court IF they show they can/want be a mentor.    

BUT, I am also a players coach, and you will see a unique approach to getting the kids out of their comfort zone and push past what they may believe to be their own limits.  

I will talk alot about hustle and running up and down the court.  I am also defensive minded first. 

As your kids will learn, "Offense wins games, defense wins championships!"

I appreciate your support in helping raise a community of respectful and thoughtful kids. 

Also, I am not great about email either so please call or text me at 703-470-0647.  If you text, please identify your name and your childs name so I can become more familiar. 


Thank you,


Coach Scott



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