To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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A Building Director volunteer acts as a temporary monitor in the various gyms which Fairfax County allows VYI to use to conduct basketball practices and games. The Building Director Test is a multiple choice test created by Fairfax County to test the knowledge of Building Director volunteers so that as they monitor gyms they can understand the issues that might arise and learn how to deal with them.

VYI requires all parents, both husband and wife, to volunteer to assist the league, or to pay a non-volunteer fee which applies per parent, per child. In VYI basketball there are only three alternatives when it comes to volunteering and two of the three require the volunteer to take the Building Director Test. Those two are being a Head Coach (Asst coach is not a volunteer choice), which requires the person to also take the Building Director Test, or being a Building Director, which also requires taking the test. The third alternative is to not volunteer and that carries a per parent, per child fee set annually by VYI Basketball.

The Building Director Test has now been converted to a registration form rather than a standard online form. To access it and to take the test, you click on the item in the left hand menu entitled "Register Online" and scroll down until you get to Building Director Test. Once there follow the directions and complete the test.
In the event someone says they have taken the test several times and it is not showing up, it is likely that one of two things has occurred; first, they may be taking the test at the Fairfax County website, but we require the tst be taken at VYI's website, or second, the browser may be incompatible with our software. In that event, they should go to another computer to take the test. If neither of these steps solves the problem, they must provide detailed information as to the steps they took to complete the test and the responses they received from the computer anf provide them to VYI.