To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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This website was created to help commissioners and coaches navigate their way through various administrative tasks required by VYI to start the basketball season.



To access "" simply type that URL into the URL address line on your browser. Once you gain access to the front page of the website you will see a space to put in a user name, which is your email address. The password you use is your phone number that appears on your basic registration record at the League Athletics ( website.



Building Directors are required by Fairfax County as a means of offsetting teh costs of hiring outside personnel to monitor gyms during community use. Each club who uses Fairfax County gym facilities is expected to set up a roster of Building Directors wto monitor the gyms to ensure that there is no vandalism, rough play or food allowed in teh facilities during the community use.

Parent Requirement

Each parent who registers their child to play basketball is required to either register as a Building Director, or to pay a non-volunteer fee of $35 per parent. This is intended to motivate parents to do the Building Director job which is needed to ensure the coaches have time to do their job during the season. We do not want coaches to act as Building Directors, unless absolutely necessary, as that leads to either taking time away from the kids or not monitoring the gym properly.

BD Test

VYI's administrative staff (all volunteers), actively works with parents to get as many as possible to volunteer. Parents not only have to volunteer, they also have to take a short BD Test which asks questions related to their duties during the short time they are monitoring the gym. If they do not take the BD Test they are not qualified as Building Directors and then will be expected to pay the non-volunteer fee. If this occurs, sometime around November 15, some parents may receive an invoice for the non-volunteer fee adn their registration record will be adjusted to show that they are "Unwilling/Unable" to volunteer and therefore owe the non-volunteer fee. This makes that parent ineligible for assignment.

Coach Requirement

Each VYI coach must set up a Building Director Schedule for his team's practices and games. Generally, each team has a minimum of 11 practices and 11 games (10 for Development League) plus any playoff games in the last two weeks of the season. For each of these games, a parent Building Director must be assigned. In the past this was done by hand, which is very  time consuming.

Today, thanks to software, we are able to allow coaches to assign parents to various team activities at the website.

Building Director Schedule

Once a coach signs into, he will see a black horizontal heading with the word "Schedules" written on it. To gain access click on "Schedules". A drop down menu will appear with the words "Building Director Schedules" and a side menu showing "Schedules" and "Tutorial for Coaches". We suggest that every coach read the tutorial.which details all requirements for using the software.

1. The coach must be properly registered and have completed a Coach Application and Background Check plus the Building Director test.

2. All kids on the team must be properly assigned to the team by the league commissioner.

3. Practice and game schedules (dates adn times) must be provided by the league commissioner and in the coaches possession..

4. Once 1, 2, & 3 are complete, the coach should click on "Schedules", which should bring up his assigned team, and then click on the icon with the pencil in the right hand portion of the screen.

5. When the box appears, scroll to the appropriate gym for the event and click on it and then enter the date of the event and finally click on a name of a qualified Building Director from your parent list. For development leagues this should occur at  least twenty times and for older leagues, twenty two times, not including playoff games.