To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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1. Only those players on the online registration list are eligible for placement on a team.
2. Only those players who are properly PAID are eligible for team assignment. This means anyone who has the same amount OWED and PAID, including $0 OWED and $0 PAID, which means they have been granted a waiver by VYI.
3. Any player who has not paid must be moved to the WAIT LIST and contacted by the commissioner to explain they are not eligible to participate until they complete payment.
4. Waivers are available for those in financial need. There are requirements stated on the WEB site that applicants must be aware of.
5. League volunteers at assessments, recruited by commissioners, should allow anyone to tryout for House basketball, but the volunteers must gather name, address, phone and contact information before allowing them to tryout. Commissioners, or their volunteers, should be charged with contacting the players who are not registered to ensure they register on line, or they are not eligible for team assignment.
6. Money and forms should not be collected at tryouts as it is the parents responsibility to go online to register their child. If a parent has registered their child, but is not PAID, they should not give their check or cash to the volunteers or the commissioner, but they should either pay online via electronic check or credit card, or mail or bring the check to VYI at:
415 Church Street  Suite 204
Vienna, VA  22180

Any player with amounts OWED will not be placed on a team.