To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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You may look at the list of those parents who have requested a teammate for their child, or a carpool arrangement by:

1. Click on Basketball / Admin

2. Enter your name and password.

3. Go to the Online Forms section of the menu and click on it, then on the form entitled Teammate Request (Year) , which will appear along with other available forms in a center block.

4. For easiest access, select download the file and once it downloads save it to your hard drive at a directory of your choosing as a .WKS file. Then access it using EXCEL.

5. For ease of use, sort on the grade and gender fields and get rid of all records other than your league.

We suggest you attempt to accomodate as many carpools as you can unless the selection complicates your team formation by putting too many players of the same draft round on the same team. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY TWO #1 DRAFT CHOICES BE PLACED ON THE SAME TEAM DUE TO A CARPOOL REQUEST OR TO TWO COACHES WANTING TO COACH TOGETHER.