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Each coach must complete a Building Director schedule for their team. The BD Schedule consists of assigning a parent, qualified as a Building Director by VYI, to each practice and game for the entire season.

The BD Schedule may be accessed at the administrative WEB site at "" by coaches, by using their email address as a USERID and any home or office phone number listed on their registration form as their PASSWORD.

Once access is granted, a coach should click on "Schedules" in the horizontal menu and then "Building Director Schedules" in the dropdown menu. In the upper left portion of the form, put in the league, if necessary, and a team name from the dropdown menu, and a list of all practices and games will appear with a small icon with a pencil on it in a right hand column. Click on that icon and a new box appears asking the coach for a facility and the name of a parent, qualified as a Building Director whose child has been assigned to that team, who will act as the Building Director for that event. The software will provide the names of all qualified parents who completed the BD Test that are on the appropriate team. The coach must complete every assignment for the BD Schedule to be complete.

The BD Schedule is required to ensure that a parent is assigned to monitor the gym for every practice and game scheduled.  No parent or child is allowed to create problems in gyms while VYI is using that County facility, and parents who attend practices and games must keep siblings of players under total control while in the gym. Parents are not allowed to bring food into gyms, allow siblings to run free in gyms or hallways or to damage any school property or school work pinned or taped on walls.

The Building Director is responsible for controlling all activities of non-players while in the gym and this schedule designates who the responsible individual is for each activity during the season.