To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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At the beginning of each season League Athletics allows administrative users to upload a full version of the entire schedule for every league to our WEB site and it is loaded for VYI. The schedule is in EXCEL and is a simplified format that lists location and times for each league and then requires the House Basketball Commissioner to enter the teams that are playing on each date and at each time.

Teams are designated by the color of the uniform followed by the grade and a lower case letter, either a "b" for boys or a "g" for girls, i.e., black1b, red1b, etc. for the teams in first grade boys. This naming convention is carried through to the WEB site where the schedules will be displayed and commissioners may see the team names by clicking on Teams in the left column after logging into Admin above.

Game schedules for the whole season are based on an EXCEL spreadsheet which is converted to a CSV file and then uploaded to League Athletics. The file is very simple and I have attached the one from 1st grade boys from last year. I attached the CSV file, but it all starts with a spreadsheet. I have a bunch of others I have used over the past 10 or so years that cover all sizes of teams. I can send to you whatever you need, and then if you plan to do this for awhile, you can keep the spreadsheets as templates for future years.
Before uploading make sure the schedule is correct, as it is a bit of a pain to try to delete stuff that is not right.
Here is how you schedule a league:
1. Determine the dates of games for various leagues in the current season; Dec 6, Dec 13, Dec 20, Jan 10, Jan 17, Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14, Feb 21, Feb 28. (Some may play on Sundays, or there is a special situation,  so that complicates matters a bit)
2. Find a past game schedule that matches the number of teams in the league you are scheduling. Last year we had 1 6 team, 3 8 team, 2 10 team, 3 12 team, 1 16 team, 6 18 team, and 2 20 team leagues. If we need odd size legues, I have those, but we would rather have smaller tgeams and even sized leagues as that makes the schedulers life a lot easier. If odd number teams, someone ahs to ahve a BYE each week, which reduces the number of games played.
3. Using the past game schedule, which matches the number of teams in the current league:
     a) Replace league in columns E & H
     b) Replace school in column F.
     c) Replace unique code in column A.
     d) Replace dates in column B...most time consuming
     e) Try not to change times in columns C & D, but may have to.
Sometimes commissioners may want to do their own schedules so you can send them a spreadsheet, which has the right number of teams and let them do it, or you can do one and let them cahnge the games they want. They will send it back to you for uploading.


Once the main schedule is in place, you can make changes to it by going to the Basketball Home Page, clicking on Admin and logging in. Under Scheduling in the left hand column click on New Games. Fill out the form with home teams identified by color/grade/sex, date of games, start and stop time, location, category, and opponent identified by color/grade/sex.

A Commissioner must have numbers of teams assigned and dates and times of games assigned before they can undertake this task.